getting keys from keyserver whithout knowing the ID

David Turner
Mon May 7 23:34:01 2001

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The two keyservers I use are: provides a user-friendly front end on the web -
you can search for names/email addresses and it gives the results as a
list of names, email addresses, certificates etc. However, I have had some
difficulty uploading (and occasionally downloading) keys from here so I
normally rely on copy-and-paste from my browser. allows you to search their keyring, but returns the
results as a list of PGP keyblocks which isn't much good if you're not
sure exactly who you're looking for.

There are other keyservers out there, these are just the first two I came
across and bookmarked, and until they let me down I'll not bother finding
any others.

Alternatively, you could email your correspondent and ask them for their
key ID (or their key) before starting to exchange sensitive information.

Ask the experts re: getting GnuPG to search for keys.  IMO it's not really

> And again, sorry if that question is really silly.
Ditto about this answer :-) - -- Dave Turner -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iD8DBQE69xSfeFNVJYkmfV8RAkvgAJ9FXs7JSgePh84LQ9Dm/02SBLPgpgCfQOQ8 6pPT8dcx+vAwO2ug2PZEXOA= =k6lB -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----