Running gpg with a public key file path

Faisal Nasim
Wed May 9 14:12:02 2001


I sent the mail too quickly. I figured that out soon after posting
the message, this seems to do the job:

gpg --armor --yes --homedir /etc/gnupg/ --recipient blahblah \
--output secret.txt --encrypt test.txt

echo 'PASS_PHRASE'|gpg --armor --yes --homedir /etc/gnupg \
--recipient blahblah --passphrase-fd 0 --output secret2.txt \
--decrypt secret.txt

Is there anyway to directly output the (en|de)crypted text
to stdout (fd=3D1)?


Enjoy your day!


At 07:44 AM 5/9/2001 -0400, Anthony E . Greene wrote:

>On Wed, 09 May 2001 04:46:56 Faisal Nasim wrote:
> >Can you encrypt/decrypt a file by providing the file path to the
> >public or private keyring which is not in the list? 'gpg' will be
> >invoked as 'nobody'...
>In the gpg man page:
> --homedir directory
> Set the name of the home directory to directory
> If this option is not used it defaults to
> "~/.gnupg". It does not make sense to use this
> in a options file. This also overrides the envi=AD
> ronment variable "GNUPGHOME".
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