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Miroslav Koncar miroslav.koncar@etk.ericsson.se
Thu May 10 14:28:01 2001

Hello, Michael,

I'm developing a very similar thing, and I'm using GPG Made Easy API's. You can
find more unfo about it on:


It is all written in C, and it possible to build it for Windows, by compiling
it with a cross compileron UNIX. The result is a static library, which works on
top of GnuPG, and you then use it in compilation of programs. It is all still
in the development phases, but I have no problems with it, it works great.


Michael Schmidt wrote:

> Hello!
> I am programming an application on a Windows System with Delphi, and woud
> like to use gnuPG to handle the Encryption / Decryption part of the
> application.
> Does anyone know, if gnuPG exist as a DLL or as a COM Object. Or is there an
> other type of API which i can call insicde my Application.
> Michael Schmidt
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