no secret key for decryption available

Andrew McDonald
Tue May 15 22:29:01 2001

On Tue, May 15, 2001 at 02:33:27PM -0500, Daryl Krauter wrote:

> I am using gpg 1.0.4 for Windoze NT.
> Upon decrypting a file, I receive the following:
> "gpg: no secret key for decryption available"
> The return code was zero - implying success - and I was able to read the
> contents of the file
> without any difficulty. Can somebody help me understand what the error
> message is trying to tell me???
The file was encrypted under more than one public key. Probably yours and the sender's. The secret key not found is that of the sender. It could find your secret key and you successfully decrypted the file using that. -- Andrew McDonald E-mail: