GnuPG in Perl Script

Evan Prodromou
Wed May 16 02:26:01 2001

>>>>> "V" == VeoWeb <> writes:
V> Hi, As per Mr. Bad's request, I am sending this onto the list. Thanks. Sorry, but I get a little nit-picky about that kind of thing. When you take help requests off-list you... a) Take the discussion out of the public eye, so that others can't correct me if I say something stupid. This is to your disadvantage. b) Make me solely responsible for answering your questions. No one person on a mailing list is a private technical support tech. I may have had time to answer your first question, but not any others. c) Make it so that other people reading (either on mail or in Web archives) don't get the benefit of seeing my answer, too. Someone else may have the same problem you have. This isn't a big deal, just a gentle reminder. I could have redirected my response to your private email back to the list, but that's kind of rude. V> When I run this command: 'gpg -e $filename', it always asks for V> the user id. How can I make it that when I create a key, I can V> place the uid in the command? "gpg -e -r $their_user_id $filename" If you're going to sign -and- encrypt, try: "gpg -se -r $their_user_id -u $your_user_id $filename" Lastly... I suggest you read the Gnu Privacy Manual, since it has a lot of info on how to make GnuPG work: ~ESP -- Evan Prodromou