gnupg 1.0.5 slower than previous version on debian

Andrew McDonald
Wed May 16 19:25:01 2001

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 01:34:09PM +0200, PARIS Jean-Fran?ois wrote:

> I've recentry build gpg 1.0.5 (apt-get source gpg -b) on my Debain/potato
> I use it with mutt 1.3.7. I've noticed that all is much sloxer than before
> Signing a message was nearly instantaneous and now it's quite long
> (4-6 seconds)

> Is there someting wrong ?
No. This is a result of the extra checks done to avoid certain attacks on the secret key file. You can use an option to disable it if you really want: --no-sig-create-check GnuPG normally verifies each signature right after creation to protect against bugs and hard- ware malfunctions which could leak out bits from the secret key. This extra verification needs some time (about 115% for DSA keys), and so this option can be used to disable it. However, due to the fact that the signature creation needs manual interaction, this performance penalty does not matter in most settings. -- Andrew McDonald E-mail: