sign checking

Andrey Zinkovskiy Andrey Zinkovskiy <>
Thu May 17 16:13:02 2001

Hello all!

I'm newbie with gnupg and certainly have a little questions:
in unattended environment user A and user B send via ftp-folder some signed files to
user C. These files stored in same directory, how can I (my script
file) process these files depending on user ID ?

Of course I can make separate keyring for each user and:

for (i=0;i<UsersCount;i++)
copy "User[i].pubring" system-public-keyring
if !(verify signature) {done=true;break;}
hmm...ugly :(

I try to experiment with
"--no-default-keyring --keyring filename",
but - in vain :(

GNUPG ver. 1.0.5

Best regards,
            Andrey Zinkovskiy.