gpg non-pubkey decryption automation

Frank DiCostanzo
Fri May 18 00:25:02 2001


i have 10000 or so files that use standard, non-public key block
encryption that i need to decrypt. gpg works great in doing this
however it seems to be able to handle only one file at a
time. this requires me to enter the passphrase every time.

there is no command line option, which is technically smart
however i don't really care that much about security. i noticed
in the source a secret option for passing the passphrase by fd
which i tried but i can't get it to work... it says that the
password, which works normally, isn't correct. is there a trick
to this?

of course, i have also used "expect" and that is what i am using
now but, lets be honest, its evil. it randomly doesn't work and
is causing me a big headache.

the documentation/faq doesn't cover this so:

whats the trick for passing the passphrase using the secret
passphrase option?

echo "pass" | gpg --passphrase-fd 1 -d file.pgp

is there any automatable way to get the passphrase into gpg,
security be damned?

thanks loads

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