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chinahlx chinahlx@sina.com
Sun May 27 17:30:01 2001

hello everyone:
I am using gpg-1.0.5, gpgme-0.2.1 under redhat linux 7.0
I want to sign and verify my plain text as a function call equivalent as following:
gpg --armor --output sign.txt --sign plain.txt
gpg --output plain.txt --decrypt sign.txt
So I tbegin to test gpgme-0.2.1/tests/t-sign.c ,t-decrypt.c and do some modification.
I test gpgme-0.2.1/tests/t-sign.c and it works properly .
But when I test t-decrypt.c using the signature produced by t-sign.c,  it always says " Gpgme Error No Data". What else I should do to get the proper result?
Thanks in advance for your help!


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