gpg key server

Brian M. Carlson
Mon May 28 20:06:02 2001

On Monday 28 May 2001 08:28, karin kosina wrote:

> Sorry if this is a stupid question or has been discussed a lot of
> times before. I am wondering if there is a free key server (or if you
> plan to develop one in the near future). I want to set up a key server,
> and I think it's bad if I have to use a "PGP" key server to distribute
> GPG keys. Any suggestions? (Please cc: me, as I'm not on the list.)
There is the pks-0.9.4 server (known as the Horowitz server, after its creator). It is under the old BSD license, the one with the advertising clause. It is a free software license, but is incompatible with the GPL. If you can deal with that, you can use it. It is the most common keyserver, it requires no backend like pgp or gpg, but it has a few quirks. If a key with more than one subkey is imported, all subkeys are totally messed up. If you want a GPL'd keyserver (which is in alpha), talk to V. Alex Brennan <>. -- Brian M. Carlson OpenPGP: 0xDCA1913A <>