1.0.6, Win95, etcetera

Peter Kuhm peter.kuhm@plus.at
Thu Nov 1 04:25:01 2001

At 16:36 25.10.01 +0200, Peter Kuhm wrote:

>Before I followed up with WinPT but there is another (known)
>problem for my OS:
>-> http://www.winpt.org/download.html
>| note: Early versions of Windows 95 complaining about a missing "ws2_32.dll"
>| file require install first. "Microsoft DUN 1.3 Winsock2 Year 2000 Update".)
>I installed the mentioned update, but it doesn't work either.
>Even after installation of two other related update packages.

had some minutes left, so I continued the WinPT thread on my
old Win95 box. Friend google brought me this URL
and after downloading and installation it works just fine.

ok, maybe just another short note: Having already installed gpg 1.0.6 in
c:\gnupg\  I continued with actual WinPT 0.40 but errors occured and
it wasn't possible to configure paths. So I installed a combi pack
of gpg 1.0.6. and WinPT 0.33, was able to configure WinPT and then
replaced it with the newer 0.40 files.

Thx to Kai, John and Timo for their earlier comments,