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Owen Blacker
Mon Nov 5 19:30:01 2001

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Samuel }slund wrote (2001-11-05 T 19:07 +0100):
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I assume the charset should be set to something other than US Ascii?  I
get the first character of your surname to be a close-brace (char
U+007d) when I assume it should be an A-bolle (char U+00c5).  Is that my
misconfig or yours?  *GRIN*

> I am going to distribute GnuPG with a (non-free) application. Can
> someone point me to a good, short introductory text about Free
> software to include with the distribution? I'm talking advocacy here
> but I do not want it to be obvious...

Off the top of my head, I don't know if that would contravene any
licences.  I don't doubt that someone (almost certainly Werner) would
point it out, if it is the case...  :o)

> I am also looking for the same kind of introduction to public key
> encryption and signing.

The Introduction to Cryptography PDF that ships with PGP is pretty
useful.  I tend to recommend it to colleagues at work quite frequently.
The PGPi website has it at
but I don't think other languages would be found simply by changing the
language code in the URI, I'm afraid.  The FTP URI it links to
<> doesn't
appear to have other languages available either, though I'm sure a quick
Google search would turn up some useful hits if you want non-English


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