will the gpg.exe work under windows XP?

Ryan Malayter rmalayter@bai.org
Wed Nov 7 20:51:02 2001

Alexander Skwar wrote:
>>Really?  Is there no "command line" anymore in Win XP?  IMO this would be

There is of course a command line in windows XP. It's simply the NT command
interpreter - an update of the one found in Windows NT 3.5, 4.0, and Windows
2000. GnuPG.exe, as a 32-bit windows command-line executable, works great in
this interpreter. This command interpreter's syntax is similar to the DOS
command interpreter, but the new command line has much more functionality
than DOS.

I think Timothy must be using Windows 9x, and is a bit confused by the
difference between DOS and a command line. Win9x still has quite a bit of
the OS old DOS command interpreter rooting around in its code, and will
indeed shell completely out to a DOS prompt. But it also has a windows-based
command interpreter similar to the NT one. Even when you "bring up a DOS
prompt" in windows 9x, you're just running command.exe, a windows program
that emulates a shell.

Adding to the confusion, WinNT, 2k, and XP can emulate the 16-bit dos
environment - including the DOS command interpreter - so they can run many
applications designed for the age-old DOS.

But anyway, GPG will work on WinXP, Win2k, and WinNT. I don't have XP yet,
but it works great on NT and 2k.

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