DeBug debug <>
Thu Nov 8 15:06:01 2001

Hello listmaster,
lgo> did you never noticed the footer below all messages:

>> Gnupg-users mailing list

lgo> So go to that URL,
Bla, bla, bla
When i was studying i had to use PIPE to read emails
and there were no www access...
Furthermor - at the moment i am behind the firewall
and have no www access. And i think i am not the only one

So the instructions to unsubscribe are:
1) send letter to
with one word in the body
you will recieve a notice of what your current password is
2) send a second letter to
with two words in the body
unsubscribe <yourpassword>
here <yourpassword> is the password you got in the response to
your first letter
all these holds true if you write your letters from the address
under which you are subscribed.

This is a common practice and i hope this helps
Best regards,