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Justin R. Miller incanus@codesorcery.net
Thu Nov 8 16:20:02 2001

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Thus spake Richard B. Tilley (rtilley@vt.edu):

> I use Slypheed, and I like it very much, but I would like to
> experiment with GNUpg on other email clients. I am not interested in
> mutt, pine or any other command-line-like email clients. Kmail doesn't
> run fast under Gnome (my desktop of choice), and Balsa seems too
> betaish, what do you guys use?

Give Evolution a try, it's pretty slick.  I haven't tried others
combined with GnuPG. =20

I can't go without a quick plug for mutt ;-)  I used GUI clients for
years and years and thought I HATED console clients, but I wanted to get
GnuPG working and felt that mutt would be the easiest to do this with.
Once I tried it and realized its power and community support, like they
say I can "never use another client again".  It truly is worth a try,
and perhaps the easiest way would be to find a good .muttrc from someone
and start from there.  Also, you may be interested in this:=20


It's a guide to mutt/GnuPG that I wrote. =20

Good luck in your search.

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