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Alexander Skwar ASkwar@DigitalProjects.com
Thu Nov 8 19:27:01 2001

So sprach =BBNick Andriash=AB am 2001-11-08 um 10:10:16 -0800 :
> Just curious, but is Mutt incapable of wrapping incoming messages? His
> lines seem fine here, using Becky which must automatically wrap long
> lines because I see no problem here.=20

Well, I wouldn't call it "incapable" - it doesn't mess around with
incoming messages and leaves them the way they were send.

But yes, mutt doesn't have such a "mess up" feature :)  But it's not
that bad - see http://dp.ath.cx/~askwar/Shot/2001_11_08_192153_shot.png
to see how a message with long lines looks like.

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