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On 11/8/01, Louis LeBlanc wrote:
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On 11/08/01 09:55 AM, Richard B. Tilley sat at the `puter and typed:
>  Hello GNUpg users,
>  I use Slypheed, and I like it very much, but I would like to
>  experiment with GNUpg on other email clients. I am not interested
>  in mutt, pine or any other command-line-like email clients. Kmail
>  doesn't run fast under Gnome (my desktop of choice), and Balsa
>  seems too betaish, what do you guys use?
>  Thanks for a great forum!

I know I'm not  the first one to plug Mutt here, in  spite of the
you said  you weren't  interested, but  take it as  a sign.  "All
clients  suck,  this one  just  sucks  less." (Jeremy

Seriously. There is a  little up front work, but if  you want a
slick client, try Mutt. A little  up front config, and you can
those long lines :) and you can  do slick little things with your
right from your keyboard.

The question I have about Mutt is this: Can it do clear text signing
and ASCII armored encryption? I absolutely HATE PGP-MIME. I deal with
it as a matter of course, but I really don't want to use it myself.
It is my understanding that Mutt will only sign messages as MIME
attachments which has kept me away.

As for me, I have been looking at Mulberry
(http://www.cyrusoft.com/mulberry) as a cross platform GUI solution.
It has PGP/GPG plugin support and runs with Windoze, Mac, Solaris,
and Linux. It's not OpenSource, but has a very liberal license. The
Linux x86 client which I have used most is a little clunky and not
very stable yet but it's worth a look.

I have also been looking at XFmail (http://www.xfmail.org). The
interface isn't as slick as many of the mailers out there, but is
does have PGP/GPG support built in (no plugin) and appears to have
all of the features Slypheed and others.

However, so far I haven't been compleatly satisfied with any of
these. I've been spoiled over the years by Eurdora for Macintosh OS
9x which is quite unlike any other mail client I have seen on any
platform. In fact, it is the only thing that has kept me from moving
to Linux as my primary OS. Now that Mr.Jobs has decided to replace
Mac OS with the NeXT best thing, I'll have to settle on one of these

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