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Justin R. Miller incanus@codesorcery.net
Fri Nov 9 00:57:02 2001

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Thus spake Martin Christensen (factotum@gvdnet.dk):

> Gnus (an Emacs application) supplemented with MailCrypt. It has the
> slickest and most flexible cryto support I've seen, and it runs on any
> platform that'll run Emacs, which is quite a few. Gnus itself probably
> has more useful features than any other mail and news client, but,
> fortunately, it'll stay reasonably slim until you actually use them,
> to you can't accuse it of bloat. Works excellently well in both text
> and graphical modes.
> I love it. There'll never be another.

I've actually searched high and low for some screenshots of this
infamous Gnus.  I'm not an Emacs fan, but I wouldn't mind trying it out.
Can anyone put one together? =20

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