strange error message

Armin Schöch
Fri Nov 9 09:26:01 2001

Hello list !

I'm new to GPG and just installed it on a Linux-Server (SuSE
7.1). I use it with the PINE email client by using the pgp4pine
package. When encrypting messages, I get the following error
message (German version):

gpg: der Zweitschl?ssel B229890D wird anstelle des
Hauptschl?ssels FAEE3098 verw
gpg: Diese Verschl?sselungsmethode taugt nicht mehr viel;
verwenden Sie eine st?
rker standardisierte Methode!

In English (my own translation):
gpg: the secondary key B229890D will be used instead of the
primary key FAEE3098
gpg: This encryption method is not good any more; use a more
standarized method!

My keylength is 2048 bits, key type is DSA/ElGamal

Could someone please explain to me what this error message means
? I couldn't find it in the FAQ at but I'm happy if
you point me to the right source for such kind of information
(I'd rather like not to read the source code, though...)


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