M$ Outlook - Plugin for GPG?

Hanno 'Rince' Wagner Hanno 'Rince' Wagner" <wagner@fitug.de
Sat Nov 10 00:46:01 2001


I try to establish secure communication within a working council in
a company. Company-standard as MUA is Outlook (not outlook
express!), combined with M$ Exchange. I have looked for a Plugin for
Outlook, like there is one for PGP, but I haven't found one, only
one for Outlook Express, which apparently doesn't work together with

Since my collegues are not as "creative" than me, I'd like to make
the communication-encryption as simple as possible; therefore using
another GUI-Mailclient is not an option.

Does anyone know an Alternative; like a Plugin for Outlook? Or do I
have to go over 3rd-party-programs to encrypt?

Ciao, Hanno
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