M$ Outlook - Plugin for GPG?

Peter Kuhm peter.kuhm@plus.at
Sat Nov 10 06:01:02 2001

At 18:43 09.11.01 -0800, Nick Andriash wrote:

>> -> http://www3.gdata.de/gpg/
>There is supposed to be a Win32 version, but it just hangs on me
>whenever I try to perform any kind of GPG function. I presume I haven't
>properly told the Plugin where my Key Ring files are, because it sure
>doesn't seem to know. In the advanced options it insists on seeing
>gpa.exe but I have no idea what the Program is.
>Is everyone using the Win32 version of the Plugin supposed to have that
>loaded somewhere?

I don't have any experience with this plug-in, but gpa.exe might be the
GNU Privacy Assistent <http://www.gnupg.org/gpa.html>. Maybe you
linked to it in error (looks pretty much like gpg.exe - and in a hurry...)
Dunno, maybe GPA is used for the key-and file-management?

>Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (MingW32) - GPGshell v2.10b12

Oh, I see a new version from GPGshell! Where did you get hold of
this (beta) release? http://www.jumaros.de/rsoft/gpgshell.html and
http://www.jumaros.de/rsoft/download.html is still at v2.01

Good luck,