can not opengnupg.exe, &c.,PII

William McNutt
Tue Nov 13 01:43:01 2001

Thank you all for your input.Certainly can not expect the unix version
to unzip on windows,but why I was able to unzip that readme file is
mystery ( shld hv saved it to hard copy before deleting).I did have
winpt on my system that help file advised having gpg already installed
before installing winpt.New problem: when I dl binary upon opening get
the following error messages:1)Warning:Garbage at the end of the
zipfile;2)...Error in zip structure;3)...A central header is wrong!Being
confused and bewildered, assuming some self error, I dl the file trice
more each having a file a combination of letters and numbers,which
generated "This is not a valid zip archive," message. I wish to learn to
use the command line whatever it is, thought it to be similar to the dos
prompt as in win 3.1x where at prompt type in: " win". My concern is
space, crashing photo editor and wndws often or "insufficent memory"
when it's in a good mood.Last thing: can not deleted the above
mentionedd files. Kind regards to all.