GPA (was: M$ Outlook - Plugin for GPG?)

Peter Kuhm
Tue Nov 13 08:26:01 2001

At 07:50 13.11.01 +0100, Joerg Hartmann wrote:

>> GPGshell seems to be nice, but I haven't figured out which one is
>> better. GPA isn't downloadable somewhere in binary-format for Win32...
>You can download a Win32-binary of gpa from=20
>  (a german website).
>Under "Verschl=FCsselungssystem GnuPG"  you get gpg and gpa as a bundle.
>But - gpg is version 1.0.4 and after i changed the gpg.exe to 1.0.6 gpa=20
>stopped working and was lost forever ...

same experience here.=20
because in a hurry I found it quite cumbersome.

>So i decided to go with gpgshell.

like I did.