PHP with GPG

Derek Vokey
Tue Nov 13 17:29:01 2001

>I guess you think that I am having a permissions problem.  I'll try this

no, not necessarily a permissions problem (though .gnupg has to be 777 I
believe) but gnupg only lets the proper users use keyrings. Those scripts
should output the error messages for a better understanding of the problem.
I found that the best thing to do is once gnupg is installed is to configure
the rest from php with little scripts like that. This is because when a sys
admin does it they often do it with their permissions and thus it won't work
with the permissions of the php user (nobody) unless they log in as nobody.
But once setup the two work really well together.

However, you should be aware that this is not 100% secure, especially if
telnet is enabled (ps -e to read the environment of the process or ???). If
you are using this for secure transactions make sure you understand the
risks so as not to be sued. As well I find it only useful for encryption
because the private key should NEVER be kept on the server.