Sign without passphrase request

Jan Hanstede
Wed Nov 14 10:28:01 2001


How do I sign something with the commandline gpg tool without getting a
passphrase request?
So I want to pass the passphrase with the commandline options.
I seem to be able to encrypt a string without the passphrase by using:

echo jajajajaja | gpg -a --always-trust --batch --no-secmem-warning -e -u

However if I try to SIGN a message and replace the -e (encrypting) by -s I

gpg: can't query password in batchmode
gpg: skipped `user': bad passphrase
gpg: signing failed: bad passphrase

Removing the batch option results in a passphrase request which I can't
handle cause I need to sign this within a (PHP) script.


Jan Hanstede