Kmail & Sphinx

Werner Koch
Thu Nov 15 12:23:01 2001

On Thu, 15 Nov 2001 02:33:40 -0800, Guy Van Sanden said:

> Does anyone know when the sphinx project will be coming out to enable pgp/mime
> and s/mime in kmail?

According to :

   Milestone 3, ca. 7-January-2002:

     LDAP connection works, creation and management for keys are integrated
   Milestone 4, ca. 11-February-2002:

     Smartcard connection works

   Milestone 5, ca. 11-March-2002:

     External test following test specification finished, CeBIT version

   Presentation at CeBIT, 13-20-March-2002

   Milestone 6, ca. 25-March-2002:
     All finished