Any way to recover your passphrase?

Steve Butler
Fri Nov 16 00:08:01 2001

It's called crypto analysis.  He can try to break his pass phrase.  It
should be easier for him since he knows how he thinks.  However, if it's an
extremely good pass phrase that doesn't correspond with his thinking pattern
then he'd better start working on that quantum computer as he'll need it to
crack his passphrase.

Perhaps his spouse can guess the pass phrase?  Otherwise I'd offer him my
best regards and wish him better memory for the next go around.


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Subject: Any way to recover your passphrase?

One of my users has forgotten his original passphrase. Since he'd prefer not
to generate and send out a new key pair, is it possible for him to find out
his passphrase? Since he's forgotten it, I would certainly think he hasn't
decrypted any messages in a while, but I said I would ask. Thanks in


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