Frontends for Windows

Arild Bjork
Sun Nov 18 11:01:02 2001

My question is simple:

Why hasn't GPGshell,, been added
to as a frontend for GnuPG?

I've been trying out different frontends for Windows, and GPGshell is the
only one I would recommend for new users. It comes closest to the GUI of
PGP. The interface is clean and very professional. The other alternatives
for MS Windows doesn't even come close to GPGshell. After reading the
posting on the different gnupg-lists, I'm wondering if someone has got it in
for Roger Sonderman. He creates a first class free product, which make GnuPG
very user friendly, and doesn't get mentioned or linked from the official
GnuPG-page. All he achieves is to be picked on because the original name of
the program was GnuPGshell, which he has changed to GPGshell.

Windows is _the_ platform which are used by most of us, and if GnuPG is
going to become more than a product for us with special interrests, it has
to be brought to the masses. GPGshell can help this cause.

Arild Bjork