Frontends for Windows

Florian Weimer
Sun Nov 18 17:18:01 2001

"Arild Bjork" <> writes:

> It's sad but there might be other excellent frontends out there. GnuPG
> developers are hiding their excistense, just because they don't conform with
> Free Software.

There existance is not hidden, but using proprietary software is not
recommended, either.

> In that way you are in fact limiting the end users freedom of
> speech. People that would like to be able to communicate securily can't,
> because the software is to difficult to handle.

It isn't difficult, it's different.  The command-line interface is the
simplest part of GnuPG.  Anybody who relies on GnuPG because of free
speech concerns has to grok the whole manual anyway, and has to
understand it.  He probably doesn't use Windows because this platform
has so much potential for security breaches.