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Justin R. Miller
Sun Nov 18 22:19:02 2001

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Thus spake Silviu Cojocaru (

> Ok, this got interesting, now how do you think GPGShell would transmit
> the "captured" data on a system uses dial-up and it is *I* that
> controls when a connection is made and what software is allowed or not
> to connect to the outside ?

1. it copies your passphrase to a file somewhere on the hard disk
2. it attaches some version of your passphrase to outgoing mail for
3. it copies your passphrase to non-secure swapped memory

Besides, the possibilities and potential of the program aren't the
point.  The point is that this list and project are for advertising free
software as defined at  End of story.  Your own list could
certainly have many discussions about non-free software.=20

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