Frontends for Windows

Lars Hecking
Mon Nov 19 04:50:01 2001

Arild Bjork writes:
> Windows is _the_ platform which are used by most of us, and if GnuPG is

 I'm so sorry for all of you. I wish you a nice XPerience.

Ingo Klöcker writes:
> Do you really think M$ would prohibit programmers from publishing their 
> source code just because it's written in Visual Basic?

 Maybe they do. M$ are free to pull all kinds of crap stunts because nobody
 ever reads the small print (or EULA). Software manufacturers seem to enjoy
 all kinds of freedom because Industry Standard warranty regulations to not
 appear to apply to them.

> > In the end it should be my choice to make in other words: I will have

 Absolutely. You have chosen, and you chose Windoze. Good luck, and good