Frontends for Windows

Roger Sondermann
Mon Nov 19 08:21:01 2001

At 18 Nov 2001, 23:40, Ingo Kl=F6cker wrote:

> ...
> If it's possible to upload/search/download keys to/on/from
> keyservers with GPGshell (a good shell IMO should provide this
> functionality) then this program must be able to make connections
> and exchange data with other servers.

This comment is really interesting.

Instead of starting rumours here you should at least try to get the 
basic knowledge about the thing you're talking. The only application 
that connects to the internet when sending or getting keys with 
GPGshell is gpg.exe. This is very easy to detect (if you really 

So you either have no idea what you're talking about or you try to 
spread wrong information. Does your definition of "free" eliminate 
basics like fairness?


Roger Sondermann