Werner Koch
Mon Nov 19 17:42:01 2001

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001 09:17:25 -0600, Lee McKenna said:

> I have tried different key lengths (768 - 2048) and I've tried every
> cipher available to try to improve performance, but I get about the

The keylength does not matter for large files.  Only the performance
of the symmetric cipher algorithm counts.  It depends on the recipients
preference which algorithm is chosen, to get more reliable numbers you
should use "gpg -c --cipher <algo>".  Try 3DES, BLOWFISH and AES - I
have no benchmarks for large files - I can only remember that it took
quite long to test the large file support ;-)

> Any suggestions on improving performance?

RIJNDAEL should be the fasted.  You may want to tweak the IOBUFs (grep
for iobuf_alloc in util/iobuf.c) or the hash buffers (cipher/md.c

> Are there any hardware-based implementations on a PCI board for FreeBSD?

I don't know.