Frontends for Windows

Frank Tobin
Mon Nov 19 21:40:02 2001

Silviu Cojocaru, at 21:54 +0200 on 2001-11-19, wrote:

   > In another posting you mentioned ZoneAlarm. Do you have the source code
   > of ZoneAlarm? No. Hmmmm ...

   Like I said in some other posting, prove to me that ZA is faulty or
   that, like I said, Roger and ZoneLabs are plotting to get your

Are you really this dense?  ZoneLabs doesn't need to be plotting with
Roger; Roger just needs to know about a flaw in ZoneLabs that GPGShell can
sneak through.

Your insistence "prove to me" is laugable.  Should it not be the other way
around; should not Roger have to "prove to you" that his softare is
secure?  Do you trust Roger with your secrets? (hint: you already are if
you are using his software)

Frank Tobin