Trust (non-DB)

Frank Tobin
Mon Nov 19 21:48:02 2001

Mike Touloumtzis, at 12:20 -0800 on 2001-11-19, wrote:

   Most of the people who really get rude on open mailing lists never
   contribute a line of code.  I'm not sure if they should be
   considered in the "open source camp".  It's a consequence of having
   open mailing lists that loudmouths make themselves heard.

FYI: I am a Free Software and Open Source advocate, and I *do* contribute

Free Softare is beneficial not only to developers but also to plain old
end users, who can rely on any scrutiny the community of developrs to
analyze code.  For the most part, I'm a user of GnuPG, but I rely on the
community of developers who contribute more regularly to GnuPG to look at
it.  Hence, GnuPG being Free Software is beneficial to me as an end user.
Hence, there is no real hypocrisy going on when end users talk of benefits
of Free Software.

I can't believe I'm being suckered into this flamefest.  I'm just pissed.

P.S.: I choose my terms "Free Software" and "Open Source" with care.

Frank Tobin