importing a new secret key from PGP and making it the primary sec ret key in GPG

Kirkland, Mike # IHTUL
Tue Nov 20 16:29:01 2001

Hi everyone,

We are in the mist of convert systems and PGP to GPG.
I have GPG installed on tru64 unix V5.1
I set up a test gpg user and it worked
I want to now import all the public and secret keys from PGP so we can send
encrypted files to our partners
I need to make the primary user on GPG the user that was the primary in PGP,
so all of our partners do not have to recieve a new public key from us.

How can I do this? Detailed instructions would be appreciated.

Also, I want to be able to encrypted files in batch mode. Lets say I would
have anywhere from 0 - 100 files in a directory that need to be encrypted
and sent out,
how can I do this without having to enter the secret key passphrase for each
file? Details or a sample script would be appreciated.

Mike Kirkland
Unix System Administrator
National Data Corporation
Phone:  (918) 481-2817
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