Trust, UIDs, signing & revoking

Mark Brown
Wed Nov 21 01:33:02 2001

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On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 05:49:28PM -0500, David Shaw wrote:

> Sure, but GnuPG does know how to do revoked UIDs.  Does PGP?  I don't
> have a copy handy to check.

PGP 7 doesn't entirely understand them.  It doesn't appear consider self
signatures to be any different to any other signature.  This means that
if you trust someone who has signed a revoked UID to sign that UID the
UID will still be considered valid even if there is a revocation
certificate for the self-signature.  To get the ID fully revoked in PGP
you need to get everyone who signed the ID to revoke their signature.

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