Java Stuff...?

Dominik Schwald
Wed Nov 21 13:53:02 2001

i'd like to code a small JAVA tool vor GnuPG (to get my parents and the 
rest of the world to use GnuPG - without knowing it ;) ) that does the 
same like GnuPG-Relay. The Point why i'd like to write that again in 
JAVA is simle:

- i'd like this tool to run with W32 _and_ GNU/Linux

I tried GnuPG-Relay several Times, but its still quite buggy, so i 
chose to write my own tool.
Are there already any JAVA Classes (GPL or lesser License [eg BSD]) i 
could use for this project?
Especially i need POP3 / SMTP and GnuPG Stuff...

Thanks, dominik