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Ingo Klöcker
Thu Nov 22 00:36:02 2001

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On Monday 19 November 2001 08:15, Roger Sondermann wrote:
> At 18 Nov 2001, 23:40, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > If it's possible to upload/search/download keys to/on/from
> > keyservers with GPGshell (a good shell IMO should provide this
> > functionality) then this program must be able to make connections
> > and exchange data with other servers.
> This comment is really interesting.
> Instead of starting rumours here you should at least try to get the
> basic knowledge about the thing you're talking. The only application
> that connects to the internet when sending or getting keys with
> GPGshell is gpg.exe. This is very easy to detect (if you really
> want).

Sorry. But as I don't use Windows I can't get to know GPGshell. I now 
learned that your program uses gpg to connect to keyservers (because 
Silviu told me so). OTOH WinPT seems to communicate itself with 
keyservers (cf. Johan's reply). So I wasn't that wrong. Furthermore, if 
your program would be able to search for keys (i.e. search all keys 
which match a certain email address) then AFAIK your program would have 
to communicate itself with the keyservers because this is currently not 
possible with gpg.

> So you either have no idea what you're talking about or you try to
> spread wrong information. Does your definition of "free" eliminate
> basics like fairness?

Excuse me for making some wild guesses and some wrong asumptions. I 
never intended to spread wrong information about your program. Instead 
I tried to argue why any security relevant program (not only GPGshell) 
should be open sourced and why _I_ wouldn't trust a closed-source 

BTW, do you mind telling us why you don't publish the source code of 
your program? I'm not talking about putting it under the GPL. I'm just 
curious why you keep the source closed.

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