Changing email addresses

Ben Logan
Thu Nov 22 12:45:02 2001

Hello, everyone.

I am relatively new to the concepts represented by GnuPG, and don't
get a chance to use them very often.

Back in August I created a keypair and sent them to a keyserver.  Now
I've changed email addresses, and am not sure whether I've done the
correct thing with my keypair.

I read the GnuPG Privacy Handbook, and decided I should revoke the
signature on my key with the "revsig" command.  Then I added a user id
with the "adduid" command (using my new email addr) and re-exported
the key to the keyserver.  My old uid was "Ben Logan
<>" and my new one is "Ben Logan

Did I do the right thing?


Ben Logan: ben at wblogan dot net
OpenPGP Key KeyID: A1ADD1F0