Windows Frontends Questions

Timo Schulz
Sun Nov 25 00:21:01 2001

On Sun Nov 25 2001; 01:31, Tom McCune wrote:

Hi Tom,

> When I launch WinPT 0.5.1, I get a message about the keyrings being
> cached.  Does this mean that my private keys (via the private keyring) are
> being written to my hard drive at some undesired location?  Or does it
> perhaps mean that the keyrings are being cached into RAM with secure
> memory locking?  This seems like strange behavior.

The caching process only stores the output of 
"gpg --list-(secret-)keys --with-colons" in the memory to avoid to
reload for each dialog that needs a list of available keys. There
is *no* real key material in RAM.

WinPT does *not* use any passphrase caching and it does *not* store
any secret key information in clear, neither on the harddisk nor
in memory!


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