[gnupg] GNUPG and proxy connection

William WAISSE wwaisse@neofutur.net
Tue Nov 27 14:40:02 2001


> > > Is it possible to configure GNUPG so that keyservers can be
> > > contacted thougth a firewall with an HTTP proxy ??
> >
> >        --honor-http-proxy
> >                  Try  to  access the keyserver over the proxy set
> >                  with the variable "http_proxy".

> Yes... but my proxy requires authentication...!!
> I generally use "http://user:password@my.proxy.server:port/", but GNUPG
> does not seem to be able to use this syntax...
> Any advise ??

 I tried to use this option because port 11371 used by keyservers is
not allowed by my proxy/firewall, so my only mean to retrieve/sign keys 
is using the email key server <pgp-public-keys@keys.pgp.net>.

--honor-http-proxy was of no use for me, is this option related to my 
problem ?

 I'm also forced to always use --lock-never.
Is it possible to use keyservers with http protocol ?

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