Adrian Filip
Wed Nov 28 18:07:01 2001


I want to switch from pgp to gpg but I want to keep my private key
generated with pgp.
On command line I did:
gpg --allow-secret-key-import "MyPGP.asc"
where MyPGP.asc is the file containing the public and secret key from

This is the output:
gpg: C:/progra~1/GnuPG/PGP/secring.gpg: keyring created
gpg: C:/progra~1/GnuPG/PGP/pubring.gpg: keyring created
sec  1024D/F546C963 2001-11-02 My Name <>
ssb  4096g/FAE2372F 2001-11-02
pub  1024D/F546C963 2001-11-02 My Name <>
sub  4096g/FAE2372F 2001-11-02

After that secring.gpg and pubring.pgp were created but are empty.
Can somebody help me?
I use pgp freeware 6.5.8 and gpg 1.0.6.