I cannot run gpg from a perl script

Steve Butler sbutler@fchn.com
Thu Nov 29 16:44:02 2001

It appears that the keyrings are not installed in your $HOME/.gnupg
directory.  Given that this is for corporate use (rather than personal), I'd
suspect that the keyrings are in /etc/.gnupg or something similar.  You will
need to use the --homedir /etc/.gnupg directive to point gpg to the keyrings
(and options file).

In the options file you might want to put the following:
# For PGP 5.x and higher
compress-algo 1
# For PGP
# Turn ON batch mode; never ask questions

And if you always want the ascii armor and the always-trust and truly will
always be doing batch (even when decrypting) add the following lines

You will not be able to use the home-dir directive in the options file as it
will need that directive to locate the options file.

Good luck on locating your key rings.

--Steve Butler
Oracle DBA
First Choice Health Network

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