Same private key on multiple sites

Justin R. Miller
Sun Sep 2 02:24:01 2001

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Thus spake David Shaw (

> Also look at --export-secret-subkeys, which does almost the same
> thing, but blanks out the secret part of the primary signing key.
> This is really useful as it lets you keep the important primary key
> (the one that collects signatures, and thus ties you to the web of
> trust) offline altogether, and just use subkeys which are easily
> creatable and revocable to do your work. I'm a big fan of this
> feature, as I also need to have keys in multiple places.
I've had this message around for a while, planning on going back to it and learning about this. Can anyone elaborate on this a bit? As I understand it, you have a master key which is used for signatures (but is that digital signatures, or key signing?) and which collects signatures, and you have a subkey which is used for decryption. So by "your work", you mean just decryption? Or is there a safe way to transport your method of signing? Also, on a similar point, I know that the recipient's public key is used for encryption, but does this involve your master key in any way, i.e. can you still encrypt having only your subkey? =20 Thanks in advance.=20 --=20
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