Cygwin problems make/configure settings for GnuPG 1.0.6?

Edward Khoo
Wed Sep 5 10:22:02 2001

  Hallo + Guten Tag,

I have been trying to play around with the sources via Cygwin to better 
understand GPG and faced with some wierd problems. Running through the 
FAQ/Mail archives/Google, I know this question have been asked before 
but I cannot find any complete answer on how to make/config GnuPG using 
Cygwin anywhere.

(Err....From what I can gather from this mailing list archives) there 
are issues/questions like :
- need to add libipc to makefiles?
- Werner mentioned to use cipher/rndw32.c, but where/how to modify the 
correct files such that rndw32.c is used?
- Werner also mentioned the entropy of the random number in Windoze, is 
this resolved satisfactorily?
- There was a need to removed the keyword "function" from in-front of 
the function names for configuration to continue. Is it still needed?
- cygwin.dll -- Is it still needed? where to get it? how to use it?
- There are also a collection of work-arounds, the need to create 
symbolic links of files and the need to point config/make to the actual 
location of  files. Have anyone managed to get GPG to work using Cygwin?

Ohmmm....I guess enlightenment don't come easy. Thank you for any 
help/hints/advice/URL (to a HowTo would be nice :-)) you can offer.

Prost aus Singapore,