Extending the key expiration date

Subba Rao Subba Rao <subba9@home.com>
Wed Sep 5 12:00:01 2001

On  0, Florian Weimer <Florian.Weimer@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE> wrote:

> Subba Rao <subba9@home.com> writes:
> > Is it possible to edit the expiration date of the current key?
> Yes, it's even possible without invalidating certificates. This is a
> known design flaw in OpenPGP.
> I hope some day GnuPG will implement a workaround (e.g. limiting the
> validity period of certificates to that of the certified key).
Why is it a flaw? All I want is to extend the key without having to revoke and regenerating a key. -- Subba Rao subba9@home.com http://members.home.net/subba9/ GPG public key ID CCB7344E Key fingerprint = A8DD 4CBA 1E9B D962 A55B 2B55 BAFE 92C5 CCB7 344E