GPG and MS Outlook users

Subba Rao Subba Rao <>
Wed Sep 5 13:47:01 2001

On  0, wrote:

> Gdata is a plug-in for MS OUTLOOK but it's a German version. I've installed
> it on my Chinese NT system and work OK. If you can read German that you will
> feel more comfortable than me.
> Other choices as followed. You can use WinPT ( or
> GnuPGshell ( with OUTLOOK, by copy
> and paste to encrypt / decrypt message.
>> Are there any resources for people using GPG and MS Outlook as their email
>> client? How can email be signed and encrypted for MS Outlook users with GPG?
Thanks for replying. Are there any instructions on how to use the Gdata plugin? I have installed the plugin but do not find any help pages on how to use GPG keys with Outlook. -- Subba Rao GPG public key ID CCB7344E Key fingerprint = A8DD 4CBA 1E9B D962 A55B 2B55 BAFE 92C5 CCB7 344E