--password parameter?

Frank Tobin ftobin@neverending.org
Thu Sep 6 02:13:01 2001

Jonathan Hayward -- http://JonathansCorner.com, at 12:35 -0500 on Wed, 5...:

   I'm having slight trouble decrypting the man pages, but the intended
   functionality is met with the --passphrase-fd <file descriptor
   number> option.  You can then set "echo my_passphrase | gpg --p..."
   in your shell script or whatever it is.  (Be advised that this
   option is depracated, i.e. most security people are bothered by the
   idea of programs lying around that will let anyone with your
   priveleges decrypt your private information.)

If you are automating a system, don't forget the most obvious solution:
simply do not use a passphrase on your key.  There is nothing wrong with
your approach if you are assured that access to the private key is

The problem with "echo pass | gpg" is that any command-line arguments
could possibly be seen via a "ps waux" (or equivalent)" by any user on
your system.  This is system-dependent, however.

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