GUI mail reader w/ GPG under UNIX [Solution!]

Dima Holodovich
Sat Sep 8 00:40:01 2001

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People on this list frequently ask if Netscape/Mozilla Messenger will
ever integrate PGP support.  I've been waiting years for this, and
I've finally found a better solution (at least for Linux/UNIX users):

  Ditch Messenger and use KMail!

Recent versions of this mailer rock (my review is of 1.3.1).  I use it
under KDE, but it appears to work just fine under GNOME also.  Here's
why I think it's worth switching:

  o  Straightforward GPG integration!!  Encrypting and signing are
     simple icon clicks.  Signature verification is automatic.
     Decryption, of course, requires a password.

  o  HTML e-mail viewing has 3 modes:
     x  Don't view as HTML, just show me the text (Mutt/Pine mode)
     x  View, but don't load external references (My mode)
     x  View AND load external refs (Insecure Messenger mode)

  o  Easy to configure filters (no need to learn procmail!).

  o  All the GUI folder/message manipulation that Messenger provides.

  o  There's scripts available to convert your Messenger nsmail
     directory over to the folder formats used by KMail.  (And I
     think KMail folders and in the same format as Pine.)

So all you Messenger users can stop complaining (like I used to) and
start sending PGP mail today!

- - Dima

Version: GnuPG v1.0.6 (GNU/Linux)
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